The best way to Discover All 5 Science Weapons in The Outer Worlds

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This web page is a part of IGN’s The Outer Worlds wiki information and particulars find out how to discover all 5 Science weapons which might be hidden throughout Halcyon.

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Science Weapons are distinctive weapons which were hidden throughout Halcyon. These weapons carry out loopy results akin to thoughts controlling enemies and even shrinking them.

In complete there are 5 Science Weapons to gather, however earlier than you’ll be able to get hold of them you will need to first buy a number of gadgets from Distributors to unlock clues that element the whereabouts of those weapons.To begin the method of discovering the weapons, you will need to first start the Weapons From the Void Quest which is just unlocked after finishing the principle quest, A Stranger in a Unusual Land.


To acquire this quest, merely search by means of the completely different logs which might be accessible on the terminal contained in the Captain’s quarters on the second flooring of your ship.

Listed under is an entire step-by-step information for locating all 5 science weapons which were hidden throughout Halcyon.

With a purpose to discover the Prismatic Hammer, make your option to the Groundbreaker and communicate with Gladys. Commerce along with her and buy the Battered Mardet Datapad.

Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 - the hunt marker, head to the room on the left that’s previous the Customs Checkpoint, however simply barely earlier than you undergo the door that results in the Groundbreaker Promenade.Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 - this room, you will see a number of bunk beds. Simply earlier than these bunk beds, you will see two crates stacked on high of each other. Use these crates to climb on high of the bunks to achieve the small air vent that that you must crouch by means of.Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 -, you’ll attain the Restore Hangar, which is filled with Outlaws – take them out. Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 - the our bodies of the Outlaws till you discover the Restore Hangar Keycard that’s used to open the door in direction of the precise wall.

Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 - getting opened the door, you will see the Prismatic Hammer on high of the desk.Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 -

To acquire the Mandibular Rearranger, you’ll firstly have to make your option to Gladys on the Groundbreaker. Commerce along with her and buy the Hephaestus Mining – Archive Cartridge.Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 - a purpose to get your clue, entry the cartridge through the terminal in your ships quarters. Now that you’ve unlocked the clue, begin heading to Scylla.Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 - getting arrived, comply with the hunt marker till you attain a small constructing within the Northern nook of the map. Inside this constructing, you will see a blue/inexperienced field the bottom that accommodates the Mandibular Rearranger.Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 -

With a purpose to declare the Shrink Ray, gamers should have first gained entry to the Navkey that permits your ship to journey freely all through the completely different places in Halcyon.Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 - that you’ve already unlocked the Navkey, use your ship to quick journey to Phineas Welles’ lab. Upon arriving, following the onscreen marker till you attain Phineas, who’s locked inside a big glass room.

Earlier than chatting with him, search the desk immediately in direction of the precise to seek out the Shrink Ray gun.Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 -

To seek out the Thoughts Management Ray, journey to Monarch and make your option to Duncan’s Dry Items and Provides retailer. Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 - with him and buy the SubLight datapad.

Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 - the on-screen marker and make you option to the deserted Rizzo’s manufacturing facility that may be present in Cascadia.Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 - in the manufacturing facility, go to the ultimate room and seek for a door that gives entry to an elevator shaft. Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 - throughout the platforms and climb up the massive ladder to seek out the Thoughts Management Ray inside a inexperienced container on the bottom.Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 -

The Gloop Gun will be discovered throughout the aspect mission, Errors Unseen, which requires gamers to journey to a UDL Lab within the Southwest space of Stella Bay.

Following the onscreen marker, take out any Marauders that block your path alongside the way in which. When you attain the UDL Lab, head inside and search for the terminal that may be discovered within the Lab’s foremost room.Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 - the terminal to unlock the Gloop Gun by both Hacking the system (55 Hacking) or answering three moderately easy questions.

The proper solutions for the safety questions are as follows:

Berate him relentlessly to defend the Chairman’s honor. Arrest your partner and admit your kids to a reeducation program.

As soon as the questions have been answered accurately, the Gloop Gun will probably be unlocked from the close by chamber.Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.25 -


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